Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd has created packages for food processing
industry, pharmaceuticals, electronic appliances and other
consumer durables.

Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd understands your business needs and therefore provide a wide range of options to customize your packaging boxes according to your product. We manufacture packages for all industry types and in any quantity.

Shape and style Dimensions   Designs   Corrugated board

We create shipping boxes in any shape (shelf ready products) and style to suit your needs. Die cut boxes, One piece folders, Tray styles, Regular slotted cartons, Half slotted cartons are some of the popular box opening styles to choose from.


We have the latest machinery to create boxes in any size. We have created small cardboard boxes used in pharmaceuticals industry as well as large boxes used for export purposes.


We have latest technology to help you with printing your company designs on your packages thus providing you a market edge against the competitors.


These boards comprises the material of the packaging boxes to protect your product. We manufacture corrugated boards in all categories.

  • 2ply
  • 5ply
  • 3ply
  • 7ply
Flutes Internal padding   Corrugated Rolls  

Corrugated flutes constitute the thickness of corrugated boxes that protects your product from physical damage. Our top in the line technology can create corrugated flutes of varied thickness.

  • 4.0-4.8mm
  • 2.1-3.0mm
  • 3.2-3.9mm
  • 1.0-1.8mm
  • 0.75mm
  • 0.55mm

Products such as glass or wine bottle can break easily due to collision during transit. If your product is delicate and fragile then these padding provide an extra cushioning during transit.


These corrugated rolls are flexible and durable in nature and are often used to wrap around glass or metal objects to protect them from scratches.