Company Profile

Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd. manufacturing of corrugated boxes, we produce broad variety of corrugated boxes to meet specific needs of profile. It design and package engineering experience were called upon for product quality. The company has set its standards with all high quality machines to manufacturing high quality products and deliver excellent value to our customer, while operating in a manner that maintains the integrity of the environment.

Mission Statement

Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd. is to provide a professional packaging service which earns us the trust of our customer by getting possessions to their destination in their original condition. We are in the business to serve our customer by providing quality full service packaging products and exceptional customer service.

In fulfilling the mission, we as company are computed to the following standards:

  • Exceeding our customer expectation both in the quality of our products and service provided.
  • The fundamental strength of Corpak Packaging comes from the quality and commitment of our employees.
  • Providing a safe, challenging and positive work environment for our employees our greatest assets.  We promote a team style of managing our business where by every employee is valued for his/her contribution towards our mission.
  • Together we will continually strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.
  • Managing our company with integrity, honesty and with respect for our work place ,our community and our environment.
  • We will ensure and reflect a strong customer orientation “Satisfying Customers” needs insures profitability long term growth.

Goals & Objective

We have established broad sustainable packaging products objectives that are basics for measurable goals that aim to turn these aspiration and principles in to action across all functions within Corpak Packaging to focus our efforts and empower our employees. To encourage our member to take their share of responsibility in minimizing the environmental impacts of packaging and packaging waste and to committed to contribute to supply chain resource efficiency as a crucial part of sustainable development.

Broad Objectives of 4 R’s

  • Research:  Continue to develop materials and solutions that enhance our sustainability.
  • Recycle: Recycle and promote recycling through our efforts of our Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd.
  • Reduce: Develop and improve technologies and products that reduce the amount of resource used to manufacture our product.
  • Redesign: Design products and operations that results in a high quality products and improved efficiencies.

Business Philosophy

The Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd. dedicates itself to satisfying the highest standard of quality and responsiveness in the design and production of Corrugated Packaging. We do this while maintaining a clean and safe working environment for our employees, a cooperating relationship with suppliers, a commitment to support our local communities and dedicated efforts towards sustainable packaging. This ensures the long term success of our company.

Here some of our operating principles:
  1. The Corpak Packaging Pvt Ltd. strives to provide our customers with the fastest and highest quality design, manufacturing and customer service available in the industry.
  2. Respect the value of individual employees and strive to create safe and congenial work environment providing comfort and fulfillment.
  3. Realize prosperity and ambitions for the future through dynamic business activities by earning the trust and satisfaction of customers.
  4. Good customers know what they want because they know what it can do for them. Good owners know how to provide it because they teach, train and trust their people to deliver embracing both prospective means that our customers can rely on packaging that is worthy of their investment. And the investment – in you, in us – is the fulfillment of our mission.
  5. We believe that our every way of action will create an additional value for our customers. And we continue to satisfy customer’s requirement with our action.

Code Of Conduct

  1. Our role is to provide valuable works to customers.
  2. We would aim “Delighted customers satisfaction all the time.”
  3. Act always with integrity, maintaining high ethical standards and ensuring strict legal compliance.

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